July 9, 2016

Traveler 3 (Takeoffs)

Rest will not come easy

The voyage is long

It is a familiar way

Though it brings new foes

Anticipation brims over

The doors must close

Shiny tinks of buckles

Gulps of bitter anxiety

Each time the same thoughts

Tumble around her head

“Is this the one?”

“Will I be dead?”

Age sitting beside her

Take firm grasps of her hand

“Relax dear,

It’s the safest way to go”

Drugs start to mumble

Engines roar into purrs

Blending with heavy basal tones

He? Said it would dull her to sleep

Lovely dreams do not come

Thoughts are lulled and listless

The sedatives work

The apathy settles in for the evening

Taking her life backwards a spell

This journey began differently

News of further pain

Violations of lives

Taken too quickly

For ill taught lessons

Never unlearned

This journey mirrors another

Provokes a forgot conversation

Sitting in the shade

Some togged aristocracy

Laughs, proclaims

“You children do it to yourselves”

Scotch or bourbon, no one cares

Midday politics, shoes broken

She kicks the ground

Her countrymen are killing eachother

Without purpose

This man, regal or coloniser

Would never know the event chain

How it all played out

That journey was the beginning of many

Years ago these things began

This journey has only picked up

Where that one left off

But this one…

The takeoff

The launch

The great arc across the sky

The memories are not made here

Instead they are gathered

Tossed around to forget

Hurtling a thousand miles in the air

Our traveler, tired and alone



Our traveler, gentle and serene



This traveler, little and weary



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