August 5, 2016

Dear America (1 and 2)

Part 1 (Original from August 5, 2014)

A lot has changed a year since I went to France. Politically speaking, Americans are finally being shown that our country is not what it has been parading around to be – we Americans are not free, we are not viewed as equals amongst each other, we are not strong and healthy, we are not good, we are not right. It is a difficult pill to swallow. You don’t see it clearly unless you can get outside of the walls of the Pacific and the Atlantic and be open to listening to the rest of the world. You can not see it from the inside. It’s our own fault, not just the politicians, bankers, and CEOs. We roll over and let them take advantage. We will continue to do so. We are fully enslaved to our nation through massive, deep-seeded propaganda that causes our massive paranoia and fear. We believe the most contradictory ideas, because we believe our individual rights as ordained by our Constitution will protect us from… what exactly? Tyranny? Socialism? Well, we certainly aren’t socialists. But, we do exist in a tyrannical state. It is not as simple as saying “our President is a dictator” when we readily admit that our President has very little power in his own country. No, our dictators are abstract values invented by greed and the insatiable hunger for power. You can not shoot these things. Rather, we shoot the people we deem responsible for these things – black people, poor people, pregnant women, children. We wish death and rape and hellfire on those who are trying to break out of this vicious downward spiral. We aren’t using our minds, either. The funny thing is… we think we are. And, we think we are correct when we are so horribly wrong. I am often sickened when I travel, not by where I am going, but that I will be returning to a place where I must accept that I will be threatened with my life, safety, and sanity when I decide to fight against the unjust deceptors. When you are there, you will nod, smile, make light of it then go home, drink a beer, take a sh*t, go to sleep, and wake up again tomorrow still not caring and still unwilling to make changes. You have decided that you would rather live a lie so that you can purchase yet another television. You have decided to forfeit your rights as a citizen so you can blindly continue to participate in this mockery of a system we call a “free country”. I blame you. I blame myself. I am sickened at the thought of returning home to the corruption, the destruction, and the willful ignorance of us all that allows it to happen. If you are not taking actions to make changes, you are the biggest part of the problem. We outnumber them 10 to 1. We could make necessary changes… if we desired to do so. But, we have decided to be comfortable in our ignorance.

Welcome to the road of becoming a second-world country, America.

Part 2

As a response to Part 1, a drunken rant from two years ago… from August of 2016

Dear America,
While it warms my heart to see so many of us aptly viewing our reflections in the mirror and deciding to carve out the cancerous bits within, it pains me to think that it may be too little or  too late.

Though, it’s never too late for change. We can make change whenever we want. We just need the right motivation to do so. So, you might ask why I say too little and too late. Well, I wish I could put this easily, but honestly I had been hoping our country could either kiss and make up or have a nice amicable divorce. Every day, looking in from the outside, two years later, and looking around from the inside, it looks more and more like the tensions are coming to a boiling point.

You have a duty to the people around you – as a citizen of the US and as a citizen of humanity – to do right by the people around you. If you benefit at all from living in society (which, I guarantee that you do), you owe it to literally every single living soul around you to be a part of the working structures and systems to maintain a just and fair society. I mean, you could always choose to opt out. We do have those renegade factions dotted around the country who refuse to abide by basic laws and so forth. But the funny part about those rogue groups is that they develop rules (laws), have a hierarchy of leadership (government), and collect resources to provide for their groups (taxation). You cannot actually leave the thing you despise so much behind.

What I can say is this. Unfortunately the same manipulation continues two years after I wrote Part 1 above. We have been lead to believe, yet again, by the great process of campaign politics, that people will do what they say (they won’t – not necessarily because they don’t want to, but because they make grand promises that they know they can’t keep). It doesn’t matter who buys the election – someone is still buying, either with his own capital, the capital of multiple corporate interests, or the personal capital of the people since we operate on not only financial capital but human capital as well. We have also been lead to believe that certain people out to kill us because they are bad people. Not because we did anything wrong (we did, we should be damn well ashamed), but because they are so different from us that they cannot possibly be good people. We are lead to believe that we are in a good place right now. We most certainly are not. We are in a fragile state at best. We have not been rebuilding with any sense of stability. We merely patch things together in the hopes that the next person will do a better job. We are lazy and foolish, paranoid and reckless creatures. This is how we have begun to sink into the second world.

So. This year my return is only to pack my things and make my farewells. Many of you know this has been a long time coming, my desire to leave the US. Where I’m going is not necessarily better, but it is a step that I need to take for my own sanity. It is not a move that is giving up or leaving you all behind. On the contrary, the things I pursue lay the foundations for application and guidance for others no matter where in the world I am. I humbly serve you to the ends of the world.


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