November 7, 2016

Pre election 2016 note

This election is absolutely disgusting. It demonstrates just how awful our country has become. Each “side” (right, left, centrist, independent, feminist, conservative, tea party, libertarian, liberal, whatever) has played a role in getting us here. There is no use in assigning blame as we are collectively at fault.

A lot of things will be the same regardless of who wins this election. In many ways, it does not matter who is at the head. The powers that be can limit the office of the President so as to make that person as ineffective as possible. It is damaging to do this as we’ve seen with our current leadership, but we know that it can be done.

And yes, of course, some things will change as change always happens. But this sort of change will happen no matter who wins. It will be a different set of people for whom life gets better and for whom life gets worse. That’s the only real difference.

Tomorrow, some of our Dear Leaders will continue to think that the country is doing well because some economic metric shows growth and recovery. They will still operate on the assumption that we, The People, are doing well because the country is doing well. On the other hand, some of our Dear Leaders will “recognise” that we are hurting. They will continue to lead us down a path of fantasy, that things can go back to “good” or “wonderful” or “how they had been when things were great” as if they ever were. As if a state could ever reach a static point to where you could say, “look, there, that is the spot we were best, we need to be there.” As if we could get to such a point and remain there. None of this will change. It will likely get worse in some aspects.

We, The People, know that our Dear Leaders are not working in our best interests yet we continue in our complacency, expecting that one day they’ll get their act together because “someone” will make them do what they need to do. We’ve loudly proclaimed for quite some time that we cannot trust our government… yet we continue to act as if we can, believing that by electing the correct person, everything will somehow be better. We flat out refuse to participate in the ways that we can affect change. We do not pay attention to where our votes actually matter. We do not participate in public life because we’d rather sit around and complain about it and accuse our Dear Leaders of not doing what they ought to do. We can hold them accountable – and we should – but we don’t. Because we’re scared? Lazy? Stupid? Paralysed in thinking that we cannot actually do anything?

We can either accept the fact that we must do things for ourselves, as many have begun to do, without the help of our formal governing bodies, or we can carry on thinking that we are only temporarily in a bad place and things will return to normal. The latter is a mistake. The former would allow us to move on, to adapt and flourish. By accepting where we are now, we can more accurately figure out how to proceed. We know that our government is in desperate need of reconfiguration.

We can cling to the procedures that we’ve outgrown, that have pulled us into this continuously spiraling disaster, or we can make new ones. It’s okay to change our laws. We’re allowed to do that. These things are not set in stone and blood. Our laws are written by humans for humans. They are dynamic and flexible. The law is the law and if it’s a bad law we can change it. That’s what the political process is meant to do – adapt to the ever changing needs of a country.

No matter what happens today and tomorrow… we’re still going to be in an absolute mess. Our country is sick. And we’re making ourselves worse by hoping “someone” will do something about it. Fortunately, we’re getting that spark back. The inspiration that drove us to form a country (despite all the bloodshed and injustice involved) is returning. We are capable of recognising wrong when we see it. Now we need to act on righting those wrongs even if it involve sacrificing our time and comfort. There will always be bloodshed and injustice. Nothing will ever stop that completely. But we can minimise it and do our best and continuously work to make things better and be better people and a better country.

Life in the US, the “normalcy” of the 9 to 5, the stability of a job, a home, a car, a dog, a cat, 2.5 kids, that’s been over for awhile. We haven’t accepted that yet. It was never normal in the first place. It was an ideal to which we aspired and made ourselves miserable attempting to achieve in it’s absurdity. Life is messy and unstable. We need to deal with that rather than reject it. Rather than pretend like things “will go back to normal” or “how they should be,” we need to accept where we are now… and that we’ve been wrong for a long time.

It really won’t matter in this regard who is elected. Our problems will be the same tomorrow. Some will be made worse. Some might be alleviated over time. But no leader is a saviour.

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