November 11, 2016

Letting Go/On The Fence

The year never seemed to slow for this one

Looking back now, we thought we’d find her

Somewhere familiar, somewhere warm

Somewhere sensible, somewhere safe


She always thought

Things never change much

To return –

What wounds await?


Please don’t forget me!

I am not gone forever,


I said.

I thought.

I am worried –

Looking across that ocean

Eyes glazed over headlines

You’re doing all the right things


Do I stay here?

In solitude and comfort?

Carrying on work that may not help

And leave you to do the fighting on the ground?

Will you fight?

You want it – the boldface tells me so

But I want to fight, too

Survivors guilt is for war

Not for politics

Not for girls


I know what I must do

But let me cry a little longer

That is my heart over there

And I’ve not abandoned you


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