November 13, 2016

Week One – The Request

As we leave the first weekend since the election, it’s going to be easier for most people to slip back into their bubbles of isolation and begin to go about as if not much has changed.

As much as technology has given us, it has also taken away our accountability with each other. Now more than ever, we can stay home in our personal safe havens and pretend the nightmare outside is not really happening.

So many of you have the fortunate of being able to do this. And you probably will. I am begging you not to do it too much. Carve out some time each week to focus on the fight in front of you. That bubble you have inside your home might be tempting to never leave, but you owe it to each and every one of your friends, family, neighbours, baristas, firefights, doctors, bartenders, shop workers, teachers Рeveryone Рto use you bubble to recharge for the work that must be done.

Those on the liberal side already know the fight is going to be hell.

Those you think the President Elect is going to “shake things up” and change the “establishment” – you’ve been conned yet again. You’ve been railroaded into believing that this one man is the only person who can save America. He’s already being tied down and muzzled by the Republican party. If you don’t believe it, just look at who they’re trying to put in the cabinet. That’s not shaking things up. That’s not making changes. That is carrying on exactly the same austerity politics and extreme social conservatism that will result in all of our lives being made more hellacious than it has been in at least decades.

Things will be kicked down to the states. This will not unite an already divided country. Our states will become even more polarised than they already are as the more liberal states are able to grow more and more liberal and the conservative states are able to grow more and more conservative. It’s up to the citizens in each state to what is best, but in those same conservative states, politicians have put a stranglehold on the democratic process. Our own Duval county witnessed democracy overturned in one fell swoop in the past year when our mayor decided to just kick out newly elected officials and replace them with whomever he pleased. That is what we’re fighting against.

You can say to get out there and vote for new members of Congress, but when we have leaders that are literally just going to toss out who we democratically elect – there really is no point in electing new leaders. Fundamental changes need to be made with radical overhauls. And that takes much more effort than voting.

So, please don’t stay inside and bury yourself in video games and Netflix for the next four years while our Republican White House literally works to destroy the world with its desires. The problems with our government have been laid bare for all to see – you have no excuses unless you want to watch the world burn with you, your friends, and your family along with it.

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