January 20, 2017

How could you not see this coming?

The support for Trump was wildly underestimated. It is a massive upset to a lot of people who’ve been working for decades towards progressive social policies to have someone come into office who expresses himself the way he does. The US protested and rioted for over a week after the election. If you do not understand why… I don’t know how to explain to you why it’s such a shock.
Many of us thought we were past a lot of the things that Trump stands for. Much of his platform is based on fear. We were healing, as a nation. It is a painful, slow, tedious process to heal from the wounds we’ve suffered – even if some of them were from ourselves. His platform went and ripped the scabs open and basically said the wounds are too deep to heal, we must start over, and surgically remove anything that is wrong and it must be me who does it because absolutely no one else can. Trump ran on a platform as a saviour for the United States. He did not run as a statesman. He did not run as a politician. He did not even run as a business man. He literally ran as if he was the only saving grace for our country.
Now, those of us who are deeply in shock by the fact that he is taking office tomorrow might be naive – and might have different priorities, values, desires – but we’ve never been so betrayed as to have had our lives work of progress literally taken from our hands overnight and thrown in the garbage, lit on fire, and told that we can never have it again. All the social progress that women, people of colour, LGBT, and other oppressed groups have fought for – it’s all being shattered by not just Trump but by a simmering vengeful hate-filled Republican congress.
The shock is not about seeing this coming. The shock is about that it is happening and we are now being put in a corner where we know that our voices will not be heard. We petitioned. We were ignored. We voted. We went unheard. We protested. We rioted. And now… we’re being forced into a government that literally promises to undo decades of progress that will cause so much unjust harm that we cannot fathom the life in six months or a year from now.
The shock is warranted because it’s not about seeing this coming. It’s about betrayal. It is about disappointment on the utmost scale.
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