January 22, 2017

In The Time Before…

Go to sleep, all you people out there. Soft and sound in your beds tonight. We shall be at war soon. You thought you were tired. I thought I knew pain. The madness is coming.

Our Dear Leader has spoken. His revelers shriek with such delight, not knowing what awaits us tomorrow or the next day. They are absolutely giddy with glee, getting what they want, seeing us squirm, in fear for our security, for our safety, for our lives. Do they know what harm they have brought upon us, themselves, their children, their grandchildren? Do they even care? Are they even human after all?

So many of us fear what comes next. We see the events unfurling before our eyes – ties twisting so hard they are popping up little too taut piano wires so they backwards striking our faces and taking out our tongues. The relationships across oceans being thrown away as if the treaties that saved us from wars mean absolutely nothing. The relationships at home being ripped apart and stomped on like an angry spoiled child who did not get what he wanted for Christmas. The darkness creeping into the very pools of knowledge that teach us how to make the world a better place.

At least they are starting to make moves. But I wonder if it is too little and too late…

I do not wish to feel so helpless. Our own ideals betray us. We wanted peace, not war. We are a group that does not condone such violence yet now we will need it more than anything else we can manage. The grip they have on our freedom and lives is so strong I see no other way anymore. Will we storm the fort, guns ablaze, when the time comes? Will the fight really be fought? Or, will we cower and wait for saving? No one will come for us. There is no caped crusader. The world will not come to our rescue. We have to fight for ourselves. Surely we know that…

Hope scarcely lingers in my home now. It is a faint hope that does not glimmer. It does not shine. It stands like a tiny beacon – asking for more time. Or to be wrong. Or for a bit more strength. This hope stands alone in a room, fussing about, wondering what to do, torn between too many things. Such a hope can last given more fuel, a friend, a guide. Perhaps it will stay the course alone as always it has before.

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