February 7, 2017

The Beginning

So, we’re in the first step of the long haul. Don’t let it fool you. It seems easier now. It’s not. Here is when we begin the work.

We exploded in reactive retaliation.

Things will calm down for a bit. It’s not a retreat. It’s regroup. Recalibrate. Breathe. We have ideas of what could come next. We have ideas of how to react to that – but we have offense ideas with that.

Go with the offense.

It’s going to hurt.

A lot.

Do it anyways because we need every bit of strength that we have. In person, from home, on the phones, doesn’t matter. We will take it.

This is a marathon. They thought they were the sleeping giant… but they don’t remember that feminists actually managed to get the right to vote after years of fighting for white women.. and then all women.. because we had to chip away at that sh*t and we f*cking did it. And then we got some more rights. And we aren’t going back. Not ever. Not for anyone. Not ever.

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