July 31, 2019

In bed with me tonight is The Annotated Alice

It’s an illustrated copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from sometime in three 1950s I think

Given that I mostly write these posts live now, without edits, I really have bi mind to check

The show Versailles is on in the background

I’ve had some very necessary sedatives

A dear friend just passed away a little over an hour ago. I’m hoping her brother, to whom I’m much closer, will make it through the coming weeks alright

The details of my surroundings are for Alice. She loved to read. Loved fantasy. Fiction. Classic and modern alike. She was sweet and adorable. The most appropriate pain in the ass. She earned the right to be, that’s for certain.

The sadness is less about losing her but the hole she leaves. I worry deeply for her family, for my friend.


It is times like these that I ask, to what lengths do we go to look after each other when it causes so much pain to ourselves?

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